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Selected Works

This was a retired couple in E.Wakefield, NH. Goal was done re-model entire main floor to modernize bathroom & kitchen as they will live there full time now & will have their mother living with them & enjoy visits from their grandkids.


The job included complete demo of main floor, removing & relocating old window & door & installing new relocated window & door.


Lowering kitchen ceiling to match LR ceiling height, Relocating & installing all new electrical & plumbing, Building & installing all new kitchen & bathroom walls, appliances & floors, refurbishing old wood flooring, building bench, priming & painting all walls.


Handcrafted tile installation of all new bathroom shower & kitchen wall. Install all new light fixtures.


Homeowners love their new remodel & look forward to many joyful family days ahead.

This remodeling job was done for a retired couple in Acton, Maine. Their goal was to modernize their master bedroom bathroom to have an easier time getting into the shower. They are now enjoying their dream bathroom.


The new bathroom included a complete demo, building a new door frame, refurbishing the walls, installing a new shower, toilet, sink counter top, cabinets, fixtures, flooring & lights.


The homeowners are extremely pleased & say it's a dream bathroom for their retirement.

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